Since 1664

nonstop yomping of 166.4KM of the South Downs Way

Yomping Since 1664 is the creation of Robin Hollington, a former Royal Marine Major.

The concept behind Since 1664 is quite simply to Yomp the South Downs Way, (extending the 160KM to 166.4KM) NON STOP! Every Royal Marine, former or serving, who has completed the Yomp have said that “it was as tough as any of the traditional Commando Tests”. Each Yomper was then tasked to raise £1,664.00 in funds for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

166+4 #nonstop #yompers of the 166.4KM of the South Downs Way, all raising £1664 (£282,880) in total for the @RMCTF in 36 hours 7/8 June 2014! #hoofing.

To create a fitting logo and a set brand assets for Yomping Since 1664 to use across print, web and in social media for the Since 1664 event and design subsequent assets taking form in a set of T-Shirts and a limited edition Malt Whiskey from Arran Distillery.

The initial concepts of the logo were drawn from the iconic Royal Marine Yomper statue from the Falklands War. With the ethos of bringing this event to prominence during 2014, the Corps 350th Birthday, the development with two ‘marines’, one from its formation through to a current serving marine, seemed fit. Using the strong colours that the Corps have gained throughout their history since their formation in 1664. Combined with the rolling hills of the South Downs Way, these are expressed through the Corps colours, in rough proportion, with the marines Yomping forward from past to present. The main blue 1664 logo was used as a stand alone or then further associated with the South Downs Way route visual with the supporting logos from RM350 and RMCTF, then tagged with the appropriate ‘call to actions’.

Yomping Since 1664

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Since 1664 Branding

Since 1664 Branding

Since 1664 Branding

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